Here are several reasons why dentists should recommend the use of mouthguards in general:

Researchers from the USA and Europe have reported that the use of mouthguards are a preventive measure that has statistically shown results of preventing head and neck trauma in athletes by up to 50% during their physical activity.

Researchers have reported that patients undergoing orthodontic treatment have a 5% higher risk of suffering from soft tissue trauma (tongue, gums, lips and cheeks) during any physical activity compared to patients without orthodontic treatment.

Nowadays it’s very common to find people with a smile design in Colombia and many of them perform different types of physical activities. It is important to inform patients that their porcelain or zirconia crowns or other materials are less resistant to occlusal bite forces compared to our natural teeth, therefore the use of a mouthguard is essential for these types of patients.

Our MID - SISU mouthguards contribute to our budget, (cost basket) ??? since with traditional mouthguards we generally have to see the patient twice on two separate occasions to be able to deliver the finished mouthguard. But if we recommend the MID - SISU mouthguards to our patients, you can adapt the mouthguard to your patient in 5 minutes, this protector will be individualized and adhered to the tissues of our patient, as a result you have a cost-effective treatment since it reduces procedures, appointments and intermediaries.

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